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Request/Order Form for IMBRA CLEARANCE

For Release of Women's Personal Contact Information

Pursuant to U.S. Federal Legislation: The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (Subtitle D of Title VIII (Sections 831-834) of United States Public Law 109-162), commonly referred to as "IMBRA", we are REQUIRED to follow and maintain certain legal procedures BEFORE we can release the personal contact information for any woman to you. There can be NO EXCEPTIONS since the consequences for both you and our company could be serious. You can review some FAQs about IMBRA requirements just below this request form (please note that this procedure and fee IS NOT necessary if you are actually traveling to the woman's country - see FAQs below).

Before you submit any request, you need to be certain that you have accurately completed your very simple "Personal Background Form" in your member's area (must be registered and logged in). If it's not completed it will delay your request (there is no verification delay). Then complete and submit this form along with your payment. We must charge a $400 processing fee for each request.

Once your request is submitted, our local office in the lady's region will attempt to contact her directly. Please be patient as it can take some time to complete these requests to ensure that we are in full compliance. The woman will need to be able to review your background/disclosure form and then she will need to PHYSICALLY SIGN your form and agreement to disclose her personal information to you for us to keep on file. We CANNOT GUARANTEE that any woman will agree to release their information to you. Some may not for various reasons. However, if the woman declines or we are not able to obtain her consent for whatever reason, your request fee will be refunded to you!

Once we have obtained her signed clearance, we will provide her contact information to you and you are free to communicate as you please outside of our system. For much more information, please see the FAQs below this form as well as the "DOs & DON'TS of Direct Communication" also below. You can read the full IMBRA legislation here.

Woman's Information - Complete and Submit This Form

You may only make one request per order. For additional requests, please submit this form again. The fee is $400 USD per request.

Your Information

Be sure to enter your account / login email.

If the woman does not agree, for whatever reason, you will receive a refund.

FAQ's About Requesting IMBRA Clearance

I don't live in the United States. Why do I have to comply with IMBRA?

You do have to comply no matter where you reside or what country you are from. The reason for this is that we are a U.S.-based company and, as such, we must comply with EVERY man and woman who participates in our service.

How long does it take to process my IMBRA request?

Realistically, it will normally take at least 4 to 5 business days one way or the other. It needs to be sent to our foreign office and they have to contact the woman, get your disclosure form to her for review, and then, if she agrees, make arrangements for her to sign off on the documents personally. It depends upon how quickly we can contact the woman and what she can and/or wants to do to complete the process. It is not unusual for the process to take up to a week or more. So please be patient. We try to keep you advised if the process is becoming prolonged. You can contact us at any time to get an update on the status.

Why do you charge $400 for this compliance service?

Complying with the IMBRA legislation is very staff and organizationally intensive. It requires a vast local infrastructure everywhere that we operate, staff resources, monitoring of compliance, and reliable archiving of information. It is expensive to execute and maintain when you consider the requirements. We have to charge a reasonable fee for this. Additionally, if we DID NOT charge a nominal fee, we would likely be inundated with requests - many of which would be less than sincere since it's would be free. And remember, if you are not successful in getting the signed clearance from her, your fee is refunded. All things considered, we think this is a very reasonable fee.

How can the IMBRA requirement be an advantage for me?

When you think about it, the IMBRA process is an advantage to you if you are seriously interested in a specific woman and have developed somewhat of a budding relationship with her. She knows that you have to pay a fee to process the IMBRA requirements so it shows a level of sincerity and high interest on your part. If she agrees to release her contact information to you, you know that she has read your background information already and likely has an interest in you. If she declines to release her personal contact information, then you are in a position of reassessing your future relationship with her having the fee refunded to you (although if she declines it does NOT necessarily mean that she is not interested - she may just be overly cautious with her personal information - sometimes it takes a little time).

Do the women always agree to release their information?

No. They don't. Each woman is different and there are a variety of reasons why they may not want to consent. If you have only exchanged a few letters with the woman she may not yet be at a comfort level with you to release her personal information to you. Others may be excited to allow it quickly. Remember, the women worry about who has their personal information often for good reason. Many may have had bad experiences before. One reason that many quality women are attracted to our service is that they know we comply with this law and that their personal information is secure unless THEY choose to release it to someone they feel comfortable with.

I've been on other dating sites and they don't require this IMBRA. Why don't they require it if it's the law?

Our company specializes in INTERNATIONAL matchmaking and introductions. We don't provide services where both parties reside within the United States. Therefore, under IMBRA, the U.S. government classifies our company as an "International Marriage Broker" and we are subject to compliance with the law since we are owned and operated corporately in the United States. Other dating sites may offer profiles of foreign members (ladies), however, they also have a large base of domestic members. Because of this, they can skirt the law because they are classified as "social networking" sites under IMBRA (lobbyists) and are not subject to IMBRA requirements. There are other dating sites that feature only women from overseas countries and don't require IMBRA, but you will notice that these companies are all BASED IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Not the United States. Technically, if these dating sites have U.S. members, they are also required to comply with IMBRA. However, most ignore it and choose not to. This should tell you something. How this affects you is that IF you were to meet someone on one of these sites and the relationship evolved into a serious one where you would want to apply for a Visa for her to come to the United States, U.S. immigration officials are going to ask you for your IMBRA documents. You aren't going to have them, and probably didn't even think about them because the site did not advise you of that. That's going to be a problem.

I'm planning on taking a tour (or traveling to her country). Do I have to pay this IMBRA fee for ALL the women I meet?

No. The IMBRA compliance is included for ALL of the women you will meet on one of our group tours, individual club tours, or if you choose to simply pay for one or two one-on-one personal introductions in one of our foreign offices. These costs are already built into our fees for those services. And the women are already at our events or in our offices so the procedure is much easier to complete. No worries. You aren't going to face a huge fee for IMBRA compliance if you are actually traveling to meet the ladies.

Why is IMBRA important to ME?

If you develop a relationship with a woman that reaches a level where you are getting serious and considering getting engaged and married, you are going to need your IMBRA documents PROPERLY SIGNED AND DATED if you are going to get her a visa to enter the United States. Even if you plan to marry her in her country and live there, if you EVER want to bring her to the United States at any point in the future, you are going to NEED those documents in proper order. We've had clients request their documents literally years later.

If she agrees, do I get ALL of her personal information no matter what?

It depends upon her. We can only release what personal information she authorizes us to release. And we do not guarantee what this will be other than it will be at least one or more effective methods of communicating freely and directly (not a paid method for example) outside of our system that is reasonably easy for both parties. Perhaps she only feels comfortable with chat such as Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber. Many will agree to provide their phone number, email, address, etc. Again, it's up to her. If the woman agrees, most women will provide multiple methods of communication.

Is my background information verified?

Currently, the IMBRA Act does not require us to verify your disclosed information. So there is no verification process or delay. However, it is not advisable to be less than truthful with your answers on this form. First, it's a crime. Secondly, if your relationship with the woman evolves to a higher level and you decide to get her a Visa to travel to the United States, they WILL verify your information and if you excluded anything or misrepresented any information, you will have a problem. Your Visa application will likely be denied. There's no reason to do it.

Is my background information secure?

Yes. We NEVER release personal information from any client to ANY third party. You can review our privacy policy here.

If you have any further questions, we encourage you to contact us. You can also read more about IMBRA here.

Some Tips: Dos and Don'ts of Direct Correspondence

There are many things that we cannot control when you begin direct correspondence because we are out of the loop at that point. However, the Dos and Don'ts below will help you to avoid problems and/or unnecessary frustration. If you have any questions or concerns about your direct correspondence please contact us immediately and we can offer helpful advice or look into any potential problems. It is our sincere desire to facilitate your success in any way that we reasonably can.

DO send gifts - It is OK to send typical gifts, like roses and such. As long as it is not excessive and outside of what normal dating entails, it is not a problem. Excessive gifts, that she asks for herself (phone, laptop, etc.), can be a red flag and you should contact us for advice before acting.

DO NOT send money - Most women who are sincere and have your best interest at heart will not ask for money. You might hear a variety of reasons why she needs money from you, some more believable than others, but it is almost always a scam. Even if she tells you to send money so she can get a visa to come to visit, you should say no, as that is actually a common scam. Tourist visas are actually very hard for foreign nationals to obtain. When the time comes to meet, you should go there. If you are ever asked for money, please notify us so we can look into it.

DO Be Patient - Most women abroad have busy lives with work and family obligations, so they might not be able to respond to your communication immediately. You should also be aware of the time difference when considering the turnaround time. Please keep in mind that the woman had a lot of extra support, especially with translation, when corresponding through the website. When using more direct communication, without that support, it may also impact the turnaround time. If they don't understand something, many of the women are very shy to respond because they are afraid they will say something wrong. And, for some reason, they can be reluctant to TELL you that they don't understand. Keep your communication very simple (vocabulary) and clear. Don't assume they should understand you. For nearly all of these women, English is not their first language. Even the most fluent women may have trouble understanding sophisticated vocabulary and sentences - or metaphors and acronyms that we may commonly use in our country.

DO NOT be concerned if you do not receive an immediate reply - Just because she cannot reply the minute you have sent her an e-mail, does not mean she has "disappeared". Please give the woman a day or two, especially after that first e-mail. If for any reason you do not receive a reply after a reasonable amount of time, please reach out to us and we will look into it. There can be a variety of reasons why she may not have responded, like the e-mail address may have been off by one character, or maybe your message went into her spam. Additionally, many of these women have to PRE-PAY for their cellphone and/or data services. Their cellphones are often their only convenient method of communicating. There could be lapses in their service since they may need to "re-load" their phones. Outages are not unusual. Immediate costs could be an issue. What we take for granted in our country relative to communication infrastructure, can be much more difficult for them in their country. Again, you need to have some understanding and patience.

DO be courteous - Most women are hesitant to start direct contact because they do not want to be harassed. If you show that you are polite and carry on like a gentleman, she is much more likely to be responsive. Rude or obsessive behavior will reflect badly on your character and is a fast-track to her ignoring or blocking you.

DO NOT send obscene content/photos/text - Illicit photos, and talk, are probably the one thing these women fear the most. It is harassment and will result in her ending the correspondence. If you engage in that behavior, we cannot and will not help you with the inevitable result. One of the biggest complaints that we get from the women about their experience on other dating sites is men sending (or asking for) explicit photos, sexual suggestions or innuendos, and other uncontrolled, inappropriate behavior. Even the most open-minded women who participate in our service are turned off by that type of behavior. One reason that our service appeals to women is so that they can avoid that. So be classy. Be considerate. BE A GENTLEMAN! Always. It will get you a lot further with these ladies if you are.

DO make plans to meet in person - Although you are in direct contact, it is still extremely important to meet face to face. You and the lady will not know how serious the relationship is until you have established whether you even hit it off with each other. If you do not meet and establish where the relationship is going (gauge your chemistry), the direct correspondence will inevitably fizzle out. The goal of these women is to ACTUALLY MEET a man they can potentially spend the rest of their life with. They largely aren't interested in being an endless "chat pal". Their interest level (even excitement) will usually dial-up substantially if they know that you actually have a PLAN to eventually MEET them. With a goal (target date). And if you don't have some sort of general plan, at the least, as to how and when you may be able to meet these women then you are also doing yourself a disservice - wasting time and money right now, here. You need to have some sort of an "end goal" mentality - even if there are numerous unknowns and variables going on in your life right now. That's not likely to change. We all have that. We've had gentlemen spend thousands and thousands of dollars for YEARS writing and communicating with women. Then, FINALLY, as much as 10 years later, decide to travel to meet the women. To a man, we ALWAYS hear "Why didn't I do this YEARS ago?" They wasted all of that money and years of their life - because they didn't have a plan - or a goal. Life changes. Responsibilities and commitments change. That often changes plans. And goals have to be modified. That's life. But if you don't have plans and goals - you don't know where you are trying to go. Any vague plan to start will do. Just make sure you have one.

DO NOT assume that direct contact means that you are in a serious relationship - Even if you do have direct contact, you still have not met each other yet. This means that the woman can still potentially lose interest or meet someone else, at a social or elsewhere. If this happens, the direct correspondence can slow down or stop. Just because she decided to give you her personal contact information does not mean that she is all YOURS! She has a life and she may have other potential interests as well. Direct contact is generally nothing more than the early stages of, unfortunately, a digital courtship. Of course, this can evolve into somewhat of a more serious, even committed relationship - albeit digitally. But the REAL courtship and relationship will not start until the two of you actually meet in person. This is the only way that you can gauge your true compatibility, chemistry - and love. You need to have a plan (see above). And you need to be sure and keep things in perspective. History has taught us over and over that our hearts can often make that brutally difficult to do sometimes.

We hope all of this information is helpful for you. Our "real people" staff is always here to assist you. Simply contact us anytime.

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Proudly presented by A Foreign Affair